Carolyn Moody

Optimum Nutritionist and Live a Conscious Life Coach 

Founder Body Balance® Integrated Health

Image I trained at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition (ION) London, founded by Patrick Holford, pioneer in optimum nutrition and health since the early 1980s. Since qualifying in 1990, I have helped thousands of people both in Belgium and internationally make more balanced nutritional and lifestyle choices.

In 2004, I created and founded Body Balance, initially a weight management programme that was based on the principle of integrated mind, body and emotional health. The focus of my approach shifted over the next few years to Live a Conscious Life which is not aimed specifically at people with health or weight problems, although people may have both, as well as other issues they wish to tackle.

My approach is holistic and at its heart is the principle of a high sense of self worth that liberates each person to live confidently, fearlessly and authentically.

Currently my services include small group programmes in Belgium, and one-on-one work both in Belgium and via skype.

I have plans to run retreats again in the near future, but for the moment I am focusing on my other projects.

ImagePublished author

Besides holistic health and healing, writing is my passion. I am a published journalist and author, having written many articles for a variety of magazines, including local Belgian English speaking publications, The Bulletin, Away magazine and BART (Business Aviation), and the UK Nutrition publication - ION Journal.

I have also written a book, 'Nurturing Superwoman', about women's nutritional health. I am currently writing my next book, Live a Conscious Life.

Educator and Public Speaker

Over the years I have given many workshops and retreats, writing all my own course material, including the 400-page Live a Conscious Life coaching manual, professionally laid out and in full colour.

As well as writing and teaching, I enjoy Public Speaking. Just wind me up and I can talk on anything to do with living consciously, optimum nutrition, and holistic health and healing. I usually finish a talk with a guided visualisation for deep relaxation. Most people seem to love it, finding it relaxes and energises them for the rest of their working day.

Who's who

Organisations that have invited me to give seminars and workshops include: MasterCard Europe and London, Aspria Belgium, NATO, SHAPE, EuroControl, Procter & Gamble Belgium, EUMA (European Managmenet Assistants), The Conference Board, MCE (Management Centre Europe).