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Image"Carolyn's teaching is fundamentally life changing. It takes time to unravel what is often a lifetime of misguided eating habits and distorted self image. Carolyn leads you in the gentlest way, taking the time to nudge you towards taking responsibility for yourself. The sessions are interesting, relaxed, fun and very supportive. I can not recommend her more highly. Thank you!" Susie


"I can honestly say that working with Carolyn has changed my life. There were many 'ahhh' moments as I realised that a lot of the blaming I was quick to do was in fact a reflection of how I felt about myself. I am now kinder to myself and I can forgive others more easily. I now truly understand the full meaning of forgiveness." Karen


"We are leaving Belgium and I just wanted to tell you that everything I learnt from you will travel with me. In my life there is before and after Body Balance. I will never forget your advice. Thank you very much for making it possible!" Eulalia


"I want to tell you how much I appreciate all the help you gave me through difficult times. You helped me see what is important and what I can let go. I finally plucked up the courage to take a trip all on my own, a huge milestone for me. I can only thank you for your encouragement and support." Katie


"Learning about my relationship with food and about my emotional hot buttons connected with me at a heart level and not just an intellectual one. The result was that I lost weight easily and  feel fitter and stronger. As I have grown in confidence, I see how others feel safe and grow, just by being around me. I feel as though I have connected with my own light. Carolyn, your caring attitude made it easier to open and share which was the first step towards understanding myself." Luis


"Your guidance was great and I really appreciate your honesty and encouragement. We dealt with some long standing issues and you helped the fears I had about myself fall away. This is simply the best transformational coaching programme in the universe! Thank you." Emma


"Carolyn taught me to be more assertive and not to engage in time and energy-wasting 'no-win' conflicts, either at or outside work. I feel healther, happier and more confident than I have for years. Thank you for helping me believe in myself." Denise


"Working with Carolyn was one of the most intense periods of personal development in my life. I am firmly resolved to live in the present, not the pain of the past or fear of the future. I now see that it all comes down to how I treat myself. I am feeling more capable and less overwhelmed." Keith


"Thanks dear Carolyn, your book (Nurturing Superwoman) is wonderful. It really is written for women of all ages, and is easy, complete and friendly. It gives us a new view aobut our body and our health. Please continue to write for us! Take care." Simonetta


"Carolyn, I am so gateful for having met you! You have inspired me so much to a better life." Minna


"Dear Carolyn, thanks again for the session. It is wonderful to have your support. I really appreciate your sound advice and consider myself very lucky to know you." Helle


"Thank you, Carolyn, for all your wonderful help and support this year, it really has been a blessing meeting you. I have so much more confidence in myself." Veronica


"I went to Carolyn to help me with my gluten intolerance. I had discomfort, even on on a gluten-free diet. I often felt sick and unwell. Carolyn was able to help me recover my health, something that doctors had been unable to do. Thank you, thank you!" Kathy


"My dentist was amazed that the periodontal disease that she had been treating every 3 months for the last few years has cleared up completely since following your nutrition recommendations. And I lost 8 kg without feeling deprived." Jenny


"What aren't we taught nutrition in schools?! It would save so much heartache and suffering. Dieting is such a soul destroying business and gets you nowhere. Working with Carolyn has helped me feel so much better in myself, and I lost nearly 9 kg." Annie


"I lost 12 kg and have learnt to manage my 'hot buttons' better. I have never felt so harmonious and happy as I do now. It's amazing and a miracle! Thank you for everything you have done for me." Annika


"I really enjoyed our sessions together have learnt a lot from you along my journey. Thank you, Carolyn." Catherine


"The feedback (from the 'How to say No and Mean it ' workshop) is that they love you! This event was the best ever with raves all around." Jennifer, MasterCard Europe


"I am grateful for everything you have done for me. Thanks to you, I have changed my life and I am now setting up my own nutrition and wellness coaching practice in France. I really appreciate all the effort you have had to put into your business. It's exhausting! Thank you." Tessa


"With Carolyn I learned about my 'hot buttons' and how they are triggered. I was able to take a step back rather than feeling engulfed by uncontrollable anger. I understand myself better and no longer take myself so seriously. It is such a relief to stop feeling so anxious." Sinnika







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