Live a Conscious Life

“Your playing small does not serve the world. We are all meant to shine as children do.”

Mary Anne Williamson


Water rippleDo you worry about what people think of you?‌  Lose confidence if you are criticised?‌  Easily become reactive and self-defensive‌? Hate confrontational situations? Say ‘yes’ when you mean ‘no’‌ ? Turn to food or drink when you feel down‌? Often feel stressed or anxious‌? Think you can only be happy when you are slimmer, fitter, changed jobs, retired … any time except right now? ‌ Have you suffered from burn out? Do you feel stuck‌ ?

We all grow up with a certain amount of conditioning about who we are and our intrinsic value or self worth, with the result that we suffer from varying degrees of self doubt. All of which has a profound effect on the way we see ourselves and on our physical health. 

When you live a conscious life you

  • Get to know yourself more intimately, because despite what you might believe, you really are worth it!
  • Learn to trust yourself by going beyond your mind and emotions to get in touch with your wise self, because you are already wise.
  • Take back your power by placing a high value on yourself and stop giving it away 
  • Take full responsibility for how you think, feel and react by understanding how your mind and emotions work together to drive behaviours. There is no one left to blame. The buck stops here. This is very liberating.
  • Realise that you don’t need fixing, you are already strong and capable as you are. Once you accept yourself, warts and all, you get out of your own way and start reacing your potential.
  • Choose health, happiness and freedom from self doubt over struggle and self sabotage.
  • Reach a place of fearlessness, learn to love yourself and find peace within
  • Figure out what you are doing here and stop struggling. We make life very hard for ourselves. Find out how you can choose EASE and free up your creative energy.
  • Discover that life is a gift, and perhaps one of your purposes in this life is to feel good and experience joy, with nothing to prove.

The soul knocking on the trap door

One of the most common complaints of this century is an inability to switch off the mind, especially nagging mind chatter. The body, mind and emotions are intrinsically linked. As well as what we eat, breathe and drink, our repetitive thoughts, subconscious beliefs and feelings have a direct effect on the biochemical and genetic functioning of the body.

It is hard to remember who we really are under all those layers of negative programming during our younger years, even for those who had a relatively loving and ‘normal’ upbringing. It is easy to end up feeling empty, alone and anxious. To suppress these uncomfortable feelings we sabotage ourselves through food, drink, relationships, money, jobs, smoking, constant anxiety and worrying, overbusyness … any number of ways.

I see this as a sign of the soul knocking on the trap door. Yet most people lack the confidence to hear the cry for help from their innermost self, or to take action to liberate themselves from the tyranny of their mind constructs. We identify with our ego mind personality and believe that is who we really are, while our authentic self, the divine spark at the centre of our being, is waiting for recognition.

Using the power of the mind

To pull out all the threads from the jumble of thoughts and feelings, you start by engaging the power of the mind itself to help you integrate your mind, body and emotions. This is a powerful and effective route to uncover your wise self.

Guided visualisations help bypass the conscious mind to get in touch with your inner child or adolescent, with your guides and with your wise self. The results is peace of mind and an ability to live consciously from an open heart - most of the time (after all we are all human).